Is Your Streambank or Shoreline Resilient?

A vegetated stream bank or shoreline plays a critical role in keeping watercourses and lakes healthy!   They:

  • purify water by filtering sediments
  • capture and trap pollutants such as fertilizers, pesticides, excess nutrients
  • protect against erosion of streambanks (which carries sediment into the water)
  • reduce sediment (particles of soil) from entering the water (excess sediment and nutrients in water promote algae blooms and weed growth!)
  • slow overland flows, promoting the infiltration of water
  • protect against erosion and slow overland flow of rain and water which can assist in flood prevention!

Vegetated shorelines and streambanks also provide environmental benefits, including:

  • provide wildlife corridors
  • cool water temperatures for aquatic life
  • provides habitat
  • aesthetically appealing


The Restore Your Shore program is now focused on providing education and information to property owners with regards to protecting streambanks, shorelines, and wetlands through planting.  

Browse this website to find information on native plants; planting plans for rural properties, cottages and shorelines; native plants; blue-green algae and other information that will help you with your streambank and shoreline stewardship.

The 2015-2019 planting program was funded by a number of grants, some of which are no longer available.  Therefore, NBMCA is not able to provide plants or planting.

In the five years that the planting program did operate, NBMCA helped 147 property owners plant more than 6.5 km of shorelines and streambanks with 29,000 trees, shrubs and perennials.

Thanks to the 147 property owners who restored their streambanks and shorelines during the 2015-2019 Restore Your Shore planting program!